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About Us

A little about our boring selves

Boring Goats is a mother and daughter owned farm located in Boring, Oregon, dedicated to handcrafting the finest in natural Goat Milk skincare products while helping others in the process.

As a family we’ve focused on growing organic farm fresh foods free of artificial ingredients and additives. As an extension of that commitment we developed and started using our own handcrafted goat milk soaps and lotions. As time passed we were so impressed with the quality and benefits of real goat milk skincare products that we began offering it to friends and family that shared our culture and values. Since then our family has grown to include an extended family of customers from coast to coast and around the world.

At Boring Goats we consider you not just a customer but a member of our boring family and a partner in the growth and direction of our business (and no you don’t get a share of the profits). We count on you to help shape our offerings and improve our products. To do so we do something that many companies don’t do, we listen. Tell us what you like or don’t like, what you want or don’t want, offer feedback on our products… you name it. You speak… we listen. Together we can build a company with a culture that we can all be proud of.

When it comes to ingredients, we refuse to cut corners. Unlike some that may use outsourced suppliers for their milk or even worse, canned or powdered milks (sad but true)… we use only 100% real goat milk direct from our own boring yet happy goats. And let me tell you... we use plenty of it in our product, not just enough to technically call our soaps “goat milk soap”, but more than enough to make sure that you actually honestly benefit from the real value that only 100% real goat milk can offer.

We aren’t looking to be the next Burt’s Bees (although that would be nice)… we’re simply looking to offer our home grown, handmade soaps and products to those that are interested in superior quality, value, service and peace of mind.

Quality ingredients… Boring Goats… wonderful products

Our contact information


Address: Boring Goats LLC, 9600 SE 302nd ln, Boring, Oregon 97009

Phone: 503-341-9277