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What are people saying about Boring Goats…

The following are comments that our customers have been nice enough to share. If you would like to join in please send us an email, post a comment on our Facebook page our visit our Yelp page at the link below. You speak… we listen.

Note: negative comments are posted in very, very small transparent font at the bottom of the page.

“Thank you so much for making the most wonderful body soap in the world. Boring Goat Soap is the only body soap we use. We even take a bar with us when we go on vacation. At home or on the road, Boring Goat Soap is never far away”

… Constanze N. Houston, TX

 “I received my order Friday, and I’m very happy with it! Thank you very much for the free half size harmony! I was hoping to use it as a face soap for my very sensitive skin, and hoping it would help balance it. So far, it really has! My skin feels happy and not irritated at all:)‎

I also really like the lotion (it helps keep my dry skin moisturized much longer than my other lotions), and the face cream is wonderfully luxurious!
So thank you again for your wonderful products and service!”

… Jenny D. Lockport, LA

 “I just received my soaps, I LOVE THEM!! Thank you for everything!! You’ll see me in the future that’s for sure.”

…Klaudia M. Jersey City, NJ

 “Boring Goats has been the best experience shopping on line has ever been. They have wonderful products. Once you try all of their products you will be hooked. I can not say enough good things about these people and their customer service. I am a customer for life. Their products are that good. Thank You so much Boring Goats”

… Denise J. Leesburg, FL

 “Your products deserve every rave review posted… just beautiful and beautifully done!”

… Heatherlynn L. Vancouver, WA

“I am a first time customer. I ordered 4 different kinds of soaps and a lotions (you only have to use a dab of lotion). I have very dry skin (cracked and bleeding fingers) in the winter but these soaps and lotions make my skin feel so good! They are right…once you go goat you’ll never go back! I am sold… ordering more today!”

… Crystal H. Craig, CO

 “Soooo excited to try your products! I have tried so many different products for my sensitive skin and have seen good reviews about u guys. You can count on me spreading the word to everyone I know after I try these products. Your humor and honesty is so refreshing in this day and age, please keep up the exceptional work!”

… Grace S. Hammond, LA

 “LOVE my new Boring Goats Jasmine! I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so quickly – you goats rock!”

… Debra-ann J. Belchertown, MA

 “Best soap ever! Makes the teenager’s pimples go away!”

… Carol M. Waconia, MN

 “I LOVE your products!!!!! Go Goat!!!!”

… Peyton M. Spokane, WA

 “I love your soaps!!!!!!!!!! Passing the word around about Boring Goats”

… Cynthia S. Ballston Spa, NY

 “I LOVE your products. I placed a big order in October and I am just now running out of my soaps and face cream. The lotions are heavenly and make my skin feel so amazing! I LOVE Boring Goats goat milk products.”

…DeAnna S. Lawrenceville, GA

“Just want to say thank you!! My niece bought me a bar of Boring Goats Soap for Christmas, and my entire family is in love with this soap”

… Jan L. Canton, CT

“I love the scents offered in the soaps. When I opened the mailbox it smelled so good that I knew my soaps had arrived. The goat milk soap really makes my skin feel so soft and my daughter’s acne and eczema is getting much better as well. I will definitely be buying more soap. Thank you!”

… Marcia T. Soddy Daisy, TN

 “This is my second order and I wanted you to know that I really love your products”

… Bill D. Harrisburg, SD

 “Great products and great merchants to deal with. Everything as promised. The soaps are wonderful!!”

… Debra A. New York, NY

 “Very pleased with the polite and friendly service. Always there to please and satisfy the customer.
Quick reply to all emails, Wonderful product… I will be sure to purchase from this vendor in future and will gladly tell any of my friends about their fine products. This company goes way beyond expectations and is such a pleasure to deal with. I wish them all the best”

… Janis R. Ontario, Canada

“I received a couple bars of the goat milk soaps as a birthday gift and I just wanted to tell you that they are wonderful. There is no slick after feel to them, just squeaky clean! My husband likes them too because they don’t have that “chick” scent. I purchased four more from your website and can’t wait to receive them. Thanks!”

… Kelly B. Erie, PA

 “Just a report to let you know that the Boring Goat Milk Soap is far superior to ANY soap I have ever used! Seriously. I cracked open the almond biscotti and not only is its aroma heavenly… it is so creamy and rich that I even used it as shampoo. Really Good Stuff”

… Norene, Portland, Oregon

 “My niece bought me two bars of goat soap. mint and poppy seed and I love them! My skin is so soft and they smell great. I bought 5 more as gifts and now am thinking I need to buy more for Christmas gifts. Thank you for a wonderful product that is well packaged and made in Oregon!”

… Laurel E. Seal Beach, California

 “The Boring Goat products I received were exactly as described. I had asked advice on a product and received a prompt response and the message was returned with words of great enthusiasm. I will gladly continue to support their business. Excellent products. I would love to see more”

… Michelle A. Sandy, Oregon

 “I LOVE the face lotion from Happy Goats. Do you sell it locally? It is Marvelous. It is so hard to find lotion for my sensitive skin. thank you!”

… Maria E. Oregon

“Soaps are awesome”

… Carlita E. Gurley, Alabama

 “I used my pet shampoo on the dogs for the first time yesterday – it is awesome!! I love it! Great products guys – keep up the great work!!”

… Lindsey G. Oregon

 “I received a few bars of Boring Goat Soap for my kids and they loved them. The soaps are made of natural ingredients and are locally made. I will be buying more when these are gone. I will also get some to put in my baby baskets I make for new parents”

… Erin A. Oregon

 “I purchased a variety of Boring Goats soaps to give away during the holidays. I live in Boring and was looking for something unique to the area. I LOVED giving these soaps to friends and it turns out that they LOVED getting them. Keep up the good work, Boring Goats! Can’t wait to try your new products! “

… Vicki K. Oregon

“I gave quite a few bars of Boring Goats soap to friends and family for Christmas along with facecloths I knitted from a lovely soft Pima Cotton yarn. They were very well received, to say the least! I love this soap!!”

… Kay D. Oregon