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Why Boring Goats

10 reasons to choose Boring Goats
Just a few of the reasons why you should make Boring Goats your source for fine Goat Milk skincare products.
1) We simply have more of what you’re looking for –
100% Natural farm fresh Goat Milk. We use only real Goat Milk from our own pampered goats, and we use plenty of it, not just enough to call it a “Goat Milk” product, but more than enough to make sure that you truly, honestly experience all the unique benefits that real Goat Milk has to offer. The result is clean healthy soap and hopefully clean healthy customers (that last part is really up to you).
2) Bigger really is better –
When it comes to value bigger is better. Our human bars typically weigh between 4.5 and 5 ounces. Compare that to others that offer bars weighing much less (some as little as 3 tiny little ounces) and you’ll start to see our not so Boring value. Use our products and you’ll actually feel the value. As with anything you shouldn’t just take our word for it, take time to check for yourself.
3) Because we care. How’s that for sensitive? –
Boring goats is committed to “Paying it forward“. Be it a “Soap for Hope” fundraiser, contributions to worthwhile causes or simply providing soaps to those in need. Giving is part of our culture…a culture you can support.
Before you buy soap you may want to buy hope. If you have any money left over we will be happy to sell you some soap or lotion or face cream, you get the idea. Visit our “Pay it forward” page to learn more.
4) Handcrafted Quality –
To achieve the highest quality we blend every Goat Milk batch by hand in small batches. No automated production of cookie cutter shapes and no private labeling by other suppliers. While some may contract out the production of their products (soaps, lotions etc) we refuse to cut corners or choose profits over quality. If you get it from us you can rest assured we made it here, from scratch, by hand, one batch at a time.
5) We offer the worlds finest Goat Milk skincare products –
On top of that we’re modest. At Boring Goats we truly believe we offer the finest in Goat Milk soaps and skincare products you can find. We dare you to buy a bar and prove us wrong. We double dare you to buy two! Give us a try and let your skin be your guide.
6) Free shipping available to the US –
We hate to see the cost of shipping come between your skin and the healthy benefits that Boring Goats can offer. When you spend $50.00 or more and choose “USPS Priority shipping” at checkout you’ll receive free Domestic priority shipping via USPS. Act now while we still have a postal service!
7) High quality, earth friendly Ingredients –
We use only the finest ingredients available. Regardless of the product you can rest assured that the ingredients we’ve used are the highest quality we can get our hands on. When it comes to the use of artificial colors our answer is simple… NO. We don’t add artificial colors of any kind. The different colors you will see in our soaps are the direct result of our scents and natural additives only (kelp, alfalfa, oatmeal etc.). If you want fancy colors we aren’t for you. Our soaps are blended for your skin…not so much your eyes. Feel free to paint them before use if you insist on bright colors.
When it comes to the health of our planet we take special care to minimize our footprint; We recycle as much of our manufacturing waste as possible, reusing, recycling or re-purposing over 98% of what would typically go to landfills. When it comes to our ingredients we are committed to work with suppliers that provide earth friendly, sustainable products…the most noteworthy being Palm Oil. At Boring Goats we are committed to only use Palm Oil from RSPO* certified suppliers that have demonstrated a commitment to the responsible processing of Palm Oil.
*RSPO or “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” is a non-profit association that works with member companies to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil while protecting wildlife. More information can be found at
8) Made in the USA –
You can buy cheaper products from producers outside of the US (Canada’s Canus as an example). Keep in mind that if you do you’ll have to justify to yourself that you may very well be applying the milk of anonymous foreign goats to your skin. While not clinically proven this could result in you saying “eh” at the beginning or end of sentences, pronouncing about… “aboot”… or leave you with the sudden desire to take up hockey (not bad things… but something informed consumers should be aware of). Boring Goats on the other hand are born and raised right here in the USA. On top of that they each have a name! Side effects of use may include growth in the GDP, lower trade deficits, decreased unemployment and increased business taxes retained right here in the USA. Note: Canadians please disregard this point. We do love Canada… no offense intended eh. PS: Your Olympics rocked (your hotels were finished and everything).
9) Money Back Guarantee* –
*Not actually true. We don’t really offer one, I just thought it would sound good to say it. What we will do is personally respond to any concerns you have regarding the quality or service you receive from Boring Goats. If you have an issue, we will make it right.
10) We want to retire someday –
Have a heart. Buy our soap, share with friends, spread the word. We look forward to the day we can leave the kids to run the farm as we travel the world preaching the virtues of Boring Goats (note we said “run” not “own” there is a difference).