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You ask, we answer...

Q: Is there really a Boring, Oregon?

A: Yes… Boring, Oregon is located about 20 minutes east of Portland, Oregon in the shadow of Mt. Hood.

Q: Is it boring in Boring?

A: Not really. Boring is a rural community of small farms and nursery’s located within minutes of Mt. Hood, the Columbia Gorge, Portland, the Pacific Ocean and Voodoo Donuts! If you’re bored it’s by choice.

Q: Do you test your products on animals?

A: Yes we do. Humans (yes humans are animals). They offer (in most cases) the advantage of being able to communicate what they like and dislike about a new product. We do have many animals on the farm that we could use for testing but their feedback would be difficult to comprehend on top of that chickens and pigs really don’t like soap. When we test we typically target friends and family with skin conditions or sensitivity to additives or commercial products. Sometimes we apply them to our family members while they sleep to assure non-biased responses. If they wake up with a rash we know we have a problem… or possibly bed bugs.

Q: Do you use Palm Oil in your products? I understand that it’s not very earth friendly.

A: Yes we do use palm oil. While some palm oil farming can be detrimental to rain forests and wildlife we recognize that when done correctly it can provide a sustainable source of natural oils. The key is to know the source. At Boring Goats we are dedicated to only use Palm Oils from RSPO certified suppliers. RSPO or “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” is a non-profit association that works to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil. More information on sustainable palm oil can be found at

Q: Are all of your soaps 100% natural?

A: The simple honest answer is no. While we strive to offer as many 100% natural products as we can, we do offer some products that use fragrance oils in their ingredients to provide a unique, affordable scent.

When shopping for soaps as with anything else you need to be an educated buyer. The main difference between “all natural” and “not so natural” soaps is typically the type of scented oils that are used in the manufacturing process.

Natural “essential oils” contain only the distilled natural essence of a specific plant while “fragrance oils” are artificially produced fragrances that contain man made substances. Substances that don’t offer the benefits that only true essential oils can. On the other hand they do offer a cost effective way to enjoy a wide range of scents that simply can’t be offered at a reasonable price otherwise. The choice is yours.

When looking for true 100% natural soaps keep an eye out for the use of “essential oils” in the ingredients. A key sign that the soap may have been made using all natural ingredients. While it doesn’t assure that the soap is all natural, it is a key ingredient to watch for.

With that in mind we will always do our best to identify our products for what they are… if they say “all natural” or “100% natural” you can count on them to be just that. All natural. Regardless of the scent the one thing you can always count on with Boring Goats is that we always use farm fresh 100% real goat milk and the finest in ingredients.

Q: I’ve noticed your bars are irregular in size and shape… can you explain why?

A: Unlike mass produced commercial products, our bars are handmade in small batches. In doing so the size and shape will vary… in most cases your bars will be at the weight specified in the description… every once in awhile you will get lucky and get a little extra. I call those “Bonus bars”. If you want perfect shaped bars we aren’t the place for you. You may want to consider Dove…

Q: Can you fill special or custom orders?

A: Yes. We can make custom sizes and personalized labels for weddings, showers or special events. Just send us an email with the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss options. Small soaps with personalized labels make great gifts for any special event.

Q: Are your Goats boring?

A: No… I would describe them best as dogs with hooves. They jump, run, play, climb, eat just about everything, and act very ungoat-like. They don’t fetch, sit or stay… I’ve tried.