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Join our not so boring team

At Boring Goats we’re committed to do what we can to bring the healthy benefits of premium goats milk skincare products to as many people as we possibly can… consider it a calling.

To support that effort we’re happy to work with retailers as well as distributors that share our vision and are interested in carrying our products and promoting our culture.

We hear time and time again “Do you sell your products in _________ (insert your city name here)?… many times, to the disappointment of our customers, the answer is “sorry, not yet”. An answer that you can help us eliminate from our vocabulary… really, you can… you have that power.

If you’re interested in carrying our Boring products (that doesn’t sound right... I know) and would like more information please contact us at

We welcome you to join our team and share in our success as we grow. While we’d like to think of ourselves as the next “Burt’s Bees”… we prefer to think of “Burt’s Bees” as the first “Boring Goats”… really… not kidding… serious about that… it could happen…

Trust us… “Once you sell Boring Goats, you’ll never go back”… to other Goat Milk skincare products that is.

Join us… you wont be sorry.

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