Animal Shape Soap

Animal Shape Soap

What's a better gift, than a gift that says "you stink"... we're just kidding of course.  Soap is a fantastic gift!  These soaps are too cute to pass up, and make for a prefect gift for the animal or dino lover in your life.  Once they see it, they will fall in love... and they'll forget all about the fact that you just insinuated they need to bathe...

*Shapes will be selected at random, as there are too many options to list.  You are welcome to leave a comment with a request, or age, and we will do our best to fulfill that request. 

Ingredients: Blue Mango- Olive Oil, 100% Real Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (from RSPO certified suppliers), Shea Butter & Fragrance Oil

Non Scents™ Soap - Olive Oil, 100% Real Goat Milk, Coconut oil, Palm oil (from RSPO certified suppliers) & Shea butter